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Een week in Porto

Een week in Porto

Vul je verblijf in Porto aan met een elegante boottocht op de rivier de Duero en ontdek het prachtige landschap van de Portugese Rivièra. Kies de data en plaats van herkomst en pas ze aan jouw behoeften aan.

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Barajas / 19:40
Ryanair FR 5484 Ryanair
1h 20m Rechtstreeks
20:00 Porto
14/08/2017 20/08/2017


Info over de stad

Porto is een Portugese gemeente en havenstad in het noordwesten van Portugal, aan de Costa Verde. Porto is gebouwd aan de noordoever van de rivier de Douro. Het is de op één na grootste stad van Portugal. Porto is vooral bekend als herkomstplaats van port(o)wijn, die in Vila Nova de Gaia (gelegen tegenover Porto op de zuidoever van de rivier de Douro) wordt gelagerd, en van daaruit over de gehele wereld wordt geëxporteerd.

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dag 2 - Tour general
Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Oporto riverbank with a graceful trip along the Douro River from aboard the Rabelo, an authentic Portuguese boat, which in the past was used to transport cargo and people. The boat will take you all the way from the Afurada to Marina do Freixo.

You will have the opportunity to see up close the six different bridges that connect Oporto and Gaia: D. Luis, Infante, Dona Maria, S. Joao, Arrabida e Freixo. Admire the beautiful scenery along the route, nature at its finest!

Admire the emblematic Dom Luis bridge and its spectacular arch, built in 1881 and inaugurated on the 31st of October, 1886. The project was under the responsibility of Gustave Eiffel associate, Teofilo Seyrig. Visit the Infante D. Henrique Bridge, one of the most elegant of its type and the most recent bridge named in honour of Infante D. Henrique. You will certainly be impressed by the Dona Maria Pia Bridge, Gustavo Eiffel's first masterpiece: built between 1876 and 1877, it was the first railway bridge joining the two river banks of the Douro River. The tour will take you to see the Sao Joao Bridge, erected in 1991 to replace the Dona Maria Pia Bridge, and the Arrabida Bridge that back when it was constructed, had the world’s largest arch of reinforced concrete. Finally you will see the Freixo Bridge, situated the furthest away upstream in Oporto. The vistas of Porto from the boat and the sights of the impressive bridges will take your breath away.\n

Meeting/pick-up point: Ribeira Quay.
Duration: 50 minutes approx.
Start/opening time: From May to September, at 10am. From October to April, at 11.00am.
End/closing time: From May to September, at 7.30pm. From October to April, at 4pm.
Others: Departure every 30 minutes. Children up to 10 years old free of charge. The tour might vary depending on weather conditions or events that could take place in certain dates.\n



Porto / 06:30
Ryanair FR 5483 Ryanair
1h 15m Rechtstreeks
08:45 Barajas


Een week in Porto
Een week in Porto